His Smile – Daily Post, Flash Fiction

Here is my longer (but still less than 300 words) flash fiction post for the Daily Post Flash Fiction Challenge.


She tried to hide her grin by dipping her head and fingering her hair behind her ear as she passed by the new doorman that morning.  She caught the gleam in his eye though which was a new addition to his usual brilliant smile he’d given her the past two mornings.

Last night had been an incredible blur.  She’d literally run into him in front of the building as he was trying to help her in with her groceries.  He’d been a hard, immovable object; she’d warmed instantly at the contact, the first time she’d been warm all day.  Forty degrees and rain made for a long, miserable day when you were hailing cabs and trying to make meetings all day.  The wet bag disintegrated on their contact and cans, fruit, and a couple of frozen dinners had spilt all over the sidewalk.

“Don’t worry Ma’am, I’ll get them.” He’d said, as he took off his long overcoat and placed it around her shoulders.  “Here, head in where it’s warm, and I’ll round up your escapees.”   That smile never left his face as he was gathering her wet groceries and putting them in his hat, and folded left arm.

Damn.  The way that rain soaked white shirt clung to his strong, broad shoulders made her want to do exactly the same thing.

After a little forced wine and some light conversation she’d convinced him that he wouldn’t get fired for being upstairs and that it could be their little secret.  He relaxed just a little, but even a little was enough for her to make her move.  After hours of pure bliss, she’d helped him to sneak out.

“Good morning Ms. Reed.”

“Actually, it’s Missus” his co-worker corrected.

And just like that, that gorgeous smile was erased.



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