Super Bowl XLVIII

Daily Prompt: Write here, write now
Write a post entirely in the present tense.

I am sitting at the front desk in the Pediatric ED. The Weather Channel is on and they are discussing the ramifications of the Super Bowl being outside for the first time this year. Yes, I am a fan of a “Dome Team”, and yes, I think the Super Bowl should be played INDOORS!

Why? Well let’s look at why. I would LOVE the opportunity to one day attend the Super Bowl (preferably when my team was in it, GEAUX SAINTS!), but I HATE cold weather. I would hate to spend thousands of dollars to attend the big game only to freeze my tushie off for 4+ hours. I think would totally make the whole experience miserable.

Some will argue that the weather being a factor stresses the teams even more and will more accurately show who the best team this season was. Again, I have to disagree. When a kicker kicks a crazy long field goal in Mile High Stadium, does that mean he is the best kicker that week in football, or that he happened to have the best conditions to make the best kick? When teams are playing in driving rain and no one can hold on to the wet ball, does that mean that the league leading quarterback or receiver is worse than another player simply because he played in crappy conditions?

And, let’s talk injuries? The ball, ground, equipment, and everything else the players come in contact with will be frozen, or near freezing. Doctors have already said that Receivers will be more likely to have hand and finger injuries. Does it show how good a team is if there are injuries to significant players that may not have occurred if the conditions had been better?

In my humble opinion, if we want to see the best game played between the two best teams in football this season, then the game needs to be played inside, under controlled conditions. If we just want to see a game where the weather is going to be shit and there will likely be stupid injuries, then by all means let’s play outside; heck, let’s take it a step further next year and play in Mile High, but not let anyone show up till the day before so they can’t acclimate to the altitude. Or, I suppose we could always do it Hunger Games style and have different weather/environmental extremes randomly throughout the game.
This is my “write here, write now” present tense rant. I’d be happy to think on it for a while and spout out more pros as to why the biggest sporting event of the year should be played INSIDE, but for now this is what I have to say. This, and GEAUX SAINTS! WhoDat!?!?!

How ‘bout we just move the Super Bowl to Hawaii!

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